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2 thoughts on “Contact

  • Chuck Fitzpatrick

    I grew up in San Antonio, born in ’71, I started working at straight out of college because I was the “mac guy” and haven’t really used macs since. I left stic to work for the telephony security company securelogix and told the feds why they needed our gear as a sales engineer. I had the best sales guy ever to support because I never had to lie to anybody and he told me straight up if anything he said was wrong to call him on it.

    I quit that job and moved to DC. Worst decision I ever made. That was in 20007. I am now back in the motherland of SATown and have been so happy for the last month. I found you guys because I have a pile of legacy computer gear I’m looking to donate to a better cause. I’m not just trying to clean out my garage. I moved this shit from SA to DC and back. Actually maybe because I can’t stand how much I spent for it then and how little it is worth now.

    Anyway, sounds like you guys have a good community that I might want to be a part of. Currently I still work for the web dev company I was with in DC but only part time now. Linux based sysadmin with drupal and wordpress hosted sites.

    I’ve always wanted to get into electronics but never had any kind of direction/lead/mentor/path.

    I’m rambling now. Sign me up.


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