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Member Meetings

Member Meetings are every Second Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM.

Next meeting is on April 13th, at 6:30pm.

To submit an item for the agenda, please email at least(!) 5 days before the next meeting.

Rules and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Editing the wiki / Becoming a Wiki User

You must be a paying member to have write access. Your user account is already created. But most likely you will need to reset your password online on our our CRM system using the email address you provided when you became a member.

Once you've reset your password, then login to our CRM system using your email address and new password. Note that this wiki only accepts your username, not your email, as the login.

How do i find out my Wiki username?

Once logged in to our CRM system, click on “Members” and click on your name. Your username will be shown. Use that username and your new password to login to this wiki.

If you have any questions, issues, or would rather have a different username than the one provided for you, please contact the web admin

Class Notes




Acquiring Equipment


Installed Plugins

The following plugins are installed for your editing purposes:





fun tip: Ubuntu with bash, fortune, and cowsay installed:

$ cat \"fortune | cowsay -f tux\" >> ~/.bashrc

now every time you open a new bash terminal or login to a bash console you\'ll see an ASCII Tux giving you a daily fortune!

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